Devodier Salumi Dell’Emilia 100G

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Italian Prosciutto, typical coppa, classic salami: a pleasant mix which, in the meeting of three excellent cured meats, releases a perfume and an aroma capable of satisfying everyone’s tastes. The Prosciutto is a natural product made with 100% meat of Italian origin and only the addition of a pinch of salt. In the classic aging it acquires all the complex and unmistakable aromas that make it the king of Italian delicatessen. The Coppa is another of the symbol of Italian tradition of charcuterie; it derives from the muscular portion of the neck of the pig and is made with meat of completely Italian origin. The dry salting phase involves the use of spices and herbs which give this cured meat a delicate and enveloping flavor with an unmistakable aroma during the aging. The classic salami, a product of the Emilian tradition, is made with meat exclusively of Italian origin, a fine-grained product and characterized by a strong aroma and an intense and enveloping taste, given by the slow maturation inside a casing in a special cellar without of light, where the Classic Salami acquires its unmistakable taste.

Ingredients: Prosciutto: Italian pork, sea salt; Coppa: Italian Pork, salt, dextrose, natural flavorings, spices, antiocidant: E301, preservatives: E25-. E252; Salami: Italian pork, salt, natural flavorings, spices, presrvatices, E252, E250.

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