Devodier Mortadella 100G

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It is made with selected cuts of pure pork, with a fine texture: on one side pink, given by the meat with striated muscles obtained from the shoulder, and on the other hand white, given by the lardons which give it sweetness, with a tasty but delicate flavour. The main processes are grinding, kneading, bagging, and cooking. Ideal for appetizers combined with other cured meats and cheeses, but also with combinations with sauces, such as tuna sauce, or with peppers and figs to create dishes rich in flavors and proteins. The wine to be paired more easily with mortadella is certainly a sparkling red, even if the combination with champagne is certainly a winner, which best prepares the palate for a new taste of mortadella.

Ingredients: pork, pork trippino, salt, pepper, garlic, antioxidant: E301, preservative: E250

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