Montellano 100% 80G Paleta Hand Carved

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In stock


Hand carved iberian shoulder (front leg) from a free-roaming iberian pig (100% iberico breed) fed with acorns and the natural resources the animals found in the dehesa, the Spanish Mediterranean woodland. The shoulders are cured at natural cellars for an average of 24 months.
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100% Iberian ham shoulder

Nutritional information
Energy: 442 Kcal/1834 KJ, Proteins: 30,1 gr, Carbohydrates: 0,91 gr, out of which, sugars < 0,5 gr, Fats 35,5 gr, out of which, saturated: 15,4 gr, monounsaturated: 18,20 gr and poliunsaturated: 1.9 gr, Fiber: 0 gr and salt: 1.51 gr. GLUTEN FREE
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ibéricos montellano
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Carr. Bejar, 10, 37796 Mozárbez, Salamanca
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Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 0.4 × 14.5 × 27 cm
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