Coeur du Berry

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Origin: Loire Valley, France

Milk: Goat

Age:.2-8 weeks


Soft, creamy goat’s cheese covered in vegetable ash for a distinctive dark rind which contrasts beautifully with the bone-white interior. Produced very near the village of ‘Saint Valentin’ south of the Loire River, which benefits from a mild microclimate.  For obvious reasons, the village promotes itself as the ‘Village of Love’, inspiring the cheese makers to develop this heart shaped cheese.

Producer: Jacquin

Tasting Notes:

Reminiscent of classic Loire Valley goat’s cheeses, the flavour is mild and creamy with a distinctive note of hazelnut coming through on the finish which also has a lactic tang.  The texture is refreshingly light, making it perfect as an appetizer but it is equally well suited to finishing a meal.

Dietary Information:

Pasteurised milk

Vegetarian rennet

Not suitable for pregnancy

Suitable for vegetarians

Allergens: Dairy


Serving Suggestions/Accompaniments:

Riesling, Sancerre, Champagne, Prosecco or, for the beer enthusiast a crisp pilsner.

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