Coeur de Copigny

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Origin: Haute-Normandie, Neufchâtel-en-Bray, France

Milk: Cow

Age:.8-10 weeks for the 200g, 2-4 weeks for the mini 30g.


Neufchâtel is a French cheese dating back to the 6th century, named after a town of the same name, in Normandy. Some argue that Neufchâtel is the oldest known cheese in France. The cheese is made in many forms, shapes and sizes but the best known are the heart shaped versions we carry. Supposedly when the hundred war was going on, the French women used to make these for the English soldiers they fancied to show they had the hots for them!

Producer: Villiers

Tasting Notes:

The taste and texture are similar to camembert: rich, slightly nutty and creamy. As they mature the rind becomes drier, sometimes cracking when very mature, when the taste becomes quite strong, with a pronounced tang.

Dietary Information:

Raw milk (unpasteurised)

Traditional animal rennet

Not suitable for pregnancy

Not suitable for vegetarians

Allergens: DAIRY


Serving Suggestions/Accompaniments:

Champagne or other sparkling wines, chardonnay, rosé. Also great with a dry apple cider or sour Saison beer.

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