Coeur aux Fleurs


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Origin: Loire Valley, France

Milk: Goat

Age:.2-6 weeks


Jacquin Coeur Aux Fleurs is a fresh goat cheese from the Loire Valley of France – a beautiful innovation from renowned 3rd generation cheese maker, Jacquin. Coated in an array of dried flowers, including rose petals, cornflowers, and marigolds, for a variety of gorgeous colours: picture perfect cheese.

Producer: Jacquin

Tasting Notes:

This creamy chevre (goat’s cheese) has a base layer of herbal & citrus nuances, with fresh grassy notes. It is bright, creamy, and herbaceous, with the dried petals giving it a delightful floral lift.

Dietary Information:

Pasteurised milk

Vegetarian rennet

Not suitable for pregnancy

Suitable for vegetarians

Allergens: Dairy


Serving Suggestions/Accompaniments:

Great with prosecco, or crisp dry white wines; particularly good with sauvignon blanc.

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