Chèvre Figue à la Rose


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Origin: Provence, France

Milk: Goat

Age:.2-8 weeks


Wonderfully aromatic goat’s cheese produced in a teardrop shape, so named because it looks like a fig. Made from raw goat’s milk, this cheese can be enjoyed young when it’s creamy and zingy, right up to 8 week’s maturity when it’s firm, dry and has a strong, piquant taste. As it’s ripening, it is misted with rose petal oil, giving it a heady scent of rose which marries perfectly with the rich, creamy, lactic flavour of the cheese.

Producer: Various small producers

Tasting Notes:

The interior of the cheese, which is bright white, moist and yielding, tastes slightly sour. After a month of aging, it becomes firmer and the flavour, full-bodied. Lovely with a green salad, or after dinner.

Dietary Information:

Raw milk (unpasteurised)

Traditional rennet

Not suitable for pregnancy

Not suitable for vegetarians

Allergens: Dairy


Serving Suggestions/Accompaniments:

Rosé is the perfect pairing here.

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