Bailies Coffee – Mella

11.50   | 250g

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In stock


Mella Espresso Blend

Roasted for espresso: Roasted to Bailies’ espresso profile and best suited to espresso or traditional filter brewing, working well with or without milk.

Blended for Fruity, Honeyed Sweetness.
It’s sweetness all the way – from soft summer fruit and berry notes to hints of marzipan balanced with aromatic vanilla. Mella is a medium-bodied espresso blend, fragrant, not too heavy with a refreshing acidity, but with no sharpness or bitterness.
It excels on its own, but works well in lattes and cappuccinos where it highlights and complements the natural sweetness of the milk.

All Bailies coffee is roasted locally on site in Belfast, Northern Ireland by their expert team of roasters.

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