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Extravagant, premium and packed full of luxury, this hamper is an elegant and memorable show stopping gift. From the finest cheese and charcuterie right down to the premium olive oil, you can be guaranteed every item is a showstopper on its own.
  • C&B Salted Caramel Biscuits Tin A luxurious treat. Made to perfection, the buttery, crumbly biscuit features the exquisite flavor of salted caramel.
  • Henriot Champagne Vintage 2012 An exquisite shade of golden. The bubbles persist gracefully, appearing fine and evenly spaced. The aroma is delightful, elevated by the generous presence of Chardonnay. The taste is crisp, impeccably balanced, and seamlessly harmonious on the palate.
  • Clos De Pape Chateauneuf-du-Pape A consistently exquisite blend of elegance, pure fruit, silky tannins, and vibrant balance for over 50 years. A sensuous, velvety, and enduring delight.
  • Gerard Tremblay Chablis Grand Cru Vibrant pale yellow with green flashes. Aromas of acacia, nectarine, and citrus. Creamy, honeyed texture, lively finish. Perfect with jambon persillé, risotto, or Epoisses cheese.
  • T’a Milano Boule Selection Box 240G 20 exquisite chocolate spheres, handcrafted by our master chocolatiers. From gianduja to pistachio, mixed berries to cocoa cream, and yogurt to hazelnut—savor five divine combinations. This 240g treat is a sweet-tooth’s delight!
  • Gotje Smokehouse Almonds Sublime snacking in the form of perfectly balanced smoked almonds – warning: highly addictive!
  • Lakrids Passion Fruit Chocolate Liquorice an exotic and irresistible blend of premium liquorice, tangy passion fruit, and luscious chocolate, creating a taste sensation that is both sweet and sour, fruity and chocolatey, and simply divine.
  • Torres Crisps 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil The crispy perfection of Torres Crisps, made with 100% extra virgin oil for a premium snacking experience. Enjoy the delicious crunch!
  • C&B Chocolate Wafer Rounds A delightful afternoon snack to share with friends. Covered in milk chocolate, these treats are the perfect match for tea.
  • Fine Cheese co Toast Almonds Crisp and crunchy, gorgeous with soft cheese or a perfect snack on their own.
  • Artisan De La Truffle Whole Black Truffle Harvested at perfect maturity and with a regular shape, our whole truffles are of extra quality. Keeping for about 3 years, they will brighten up your dinners at any time of the year!
  • Tiptree Morello Cherry Conserve A rich and fruity spread made with the finest handpicked cherries. Perfect for a breakfast treat or as a glaze for meats
  • Castillo First Day Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil First Day of Harvest Picual and Arbequina is a limited edition of the oil collected on the first day of harvest. Every year a personality from the arts, sciences, society… imprints their peculiar vision on this magical day on the label.
  • Contadini Artichokes Raw In Olive Oil  Premium artichokes, perfect for adding a rich and flavorful touch to your meals
  • Gubbeen Farmhouse Cheese Semi-firm washed-rind with nutty taste. Made by Ferguson family in West Cork with cow’s milk. Single unit, not cut.
  • Camembert Bocage Farmhouse Cheese A specialty cheese crafted from raw cow’s milk, sourced from a small dairy in the AOP region. It arrives in a charming wooden box.
  • Eat.Art Spice Route A sensational 8 tube collection of salts encompassing both individual salts and blends.
  • Calvisius Siberian Caviar 100G A caviar extracted from the Siberian sturgeon. Quite versatile with a bold pure taste
  • Montellano Bellota 100G Jamon Hand Carved From a free-roaming Iberian pig fed with acorns and the natural resources the animals found in the dehesa, the Spanish Mediterranean woodland. The hams are cured in natural cellars for an average of 3 years. 
  • Dijon Mustard In Stonew Jar This exceptional mustard owes its premium quality and unique flavor to the time-honored method of grinding mustard seeds with silex grindstones.
  • Don Bocarte Wild Bluefin Tuna Belly Tin A Spanish delicacy made from sustainably caught tuna belly, packed in olive oil for a buttery texture and flavor.
  • Don Gastronom Spanish Saffron 1G Premium quality spice, hand-picked and carefully selected to add exquisite aroma, flavor, and color to any dish.
  • F&B Coffee House Blend Filter Our coffee comes from premium beans, blended specially for us, then lightly roasted in small batches here in Dublin. The result is a finely balanced cup with a fruity edge and chocolatey finish. Ground for filter.
  • Fine Cheese Co Quince Fruit An ideal pairing for velvety, well-aged cheeses. Particularly complements Comté and Beaufort. Also, a delectable match with Gouda.
  • Kusmi Organic Breakfast Tea Tin Organically grown Ceylon black tea, organically grown Assam black tea
  • Leonardi Balsamic Of Modena Serie 12 Balsamic Vinegar of Modena obtained from cooked grape musts of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes of Modena and wine vinegar.
  • SCYAVURU Pistachio Cream Contains the best pistachios processed and transformed in Italy into a sweet and velvety cream. Spread on a slice of bread, shortbread, or even on top of ice cream or pancakes!
  • Serramel Lavender Honey 500G Sweet and fragrant with a subtle floral taste. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, a perfect addition to tea or toast.
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