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Contains fresh products that require refrigeration. The Extravaganza is an event in itself. We've scoured the world for deliciousness and this is the result: a box crammed with the utmost joy.
  • Achill Island Sea Salt Fudge Rich, crumbly fudge with a hint of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • T’A Milano Artisan Praline 9′ box Take a “Journey through Italian excellence” with our artisanal chocolate pralines. Enjoy colorful packs with assorted fillings including milk chocolate with hazelnut, pistachio, almond, strawberry, marron glacé and dark chocolate with coffee, orange, mixed berries, and alcohol-free amaretto filling.
  • Artisan de la Truffe Truffle Salt Sprinkle on steak, fresh pasta or scrambled eggs for a transformative result.
  • Camembert du Bocage A gorgeous, creamy and full-flavoured French cheese. Make sure to leave it out of the fridge for an hour before devouring.
  • Castillo de Canena 1st Day Harvest Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil A limited run of the best oil from our favourite producer – each bottle is a collector’s item. From Andalucía in Spain, the oil has a bold flavour with herby tones and a peppery finish. Drizzle on grilled vegetables, crusty breads, soup and meat dishes.
  • Champagne Gobillard Premier Cru Finely balanced Champagne with equal parts Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Delicate, elegant and fresh.
  • Montana Rioja Crianza Drinks like a young Rioja Reserva, offering up Rioja Alta’s freshness, warmth and precision in a velvet glove. Ripe blackberry and cassis aromas infused with touches of vanilla on the nose. Forest berry fruit on the palate, followed by an intriguing mélange of leather, spice, and hints of cacao.
  • Crossogue Preserves Blackcurrant & Stout Jam Handmade in Co. Tipperary, there’s a sneaky splash of stout that gives this jam a real depth of flavour.
  • Daniel Chotard Sancerre Fresh and grassy with subtle stone fruit character, this cuvée has a long finish with a saline note and all the hallmark characteristics of classic Sancerre.
  • Don Bocarte Wild Bluefin Tuna Loins Wild bluefin tuna belly in olive oil. Includes a sachet of salt flakes. Don Bocarte makes this product with fresh tuna caught using the traditional almadraba net method in the Atlantic Ocean, Barbate, between April, May and June. A truly special product.
  • Fallon & Byrne House Blend Coffee Our coffee comes from premium beans, blended specially for us, then lightly roasted in small batches here in Dublin. The result is a finely balanced cup with a fruity edge and chocolatey finish.
  • Durrus OG 250g
  • Almondeli Smoked Almonds Sublime snacking in the form of perfectly balanced smoked almonds – warning: highly addictive!
  • Hadji Bey Turkish Delight The treat favoured by sultans with a Cork origin story, now made in Kildare. Sweet, fruity and very addictive – serve with a strong coffee.
  • Kusmi Earl Grey Intense Tea Bags An intensely powerful, organic Earl Grey with bold bergamot oil and tangy lemon rind. A tea packed with character and intense flavours.
  • Leonardi Double Medal Aged Balsamic Vinegar Aged in oak barrels, this balsamic is a real treat. Use sparingly on grilled vegetables, chicken or pork dishes to add a restaurant-style flourish to your meal.
  • Lismore Food Company Shortbread Biscuits Real buttery Irish shortbread – get the kettle on!
  • L’Epicurien Confit de Jasmin Discreet and delicate, with a floral waft of jasmine, this unique product is a beautiful addition to whipped cream, panna cotta or cheesecake – or try with a rich pâté.
  • Montellano Hand-carved 100% Jamon Iberico 100g Hand-carved Jamon from acorn-fed, pure-breed pata negra pigs. 3 Star Great Taste and Golden Fork winner. The best jamon in the world, in our humble opinion.
  • Serramel Lavender Honey Delicious floral honey from Portugal.
  • Lepicurien Confit De Jasmin Indulge in the luxurious flavor of jasmine with our L’Épicurien Confit de Jasmin – a delicately sweet and floral delight for the senses.”
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