Casa Rinaldi Linguine Integrali

3.75   | 500g

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Casa Rinaldi whole wheat linguine has a unique brown color and a distinct flavor of whole wheat. The square and flat shape makes it perfect for capturing the sauce. To cook, simply follow the instructions on the box, drain, and add one of our Casa Rinaldi sauces. For a classic pairing, we recommend trying it with our delicious pesto genovese.
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Durum whole wheat semolina, water

Nutritional information
Energy 1528kJ - 365kcal Total Fat 1,5g Saturated Fat 0,3g Total Carbohydrate 74g Sugars 2,0g Protein 14g Salt 0g
Allergen information
no image

contains: gluten

Manufacturer/Distributor information
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alis s.r.l
Manufacturer/Distributor address
Via Paletti, 2/a, 41051 Castelnuovo Rangone MO, Italia
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Weight 500 kg
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