La Costena Mole Paste

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Mexican mole is a paste made from spices, peppers, nuts and chocolate. Mexican mole recipes change from region to region with yellow, red and black varieties spooned over cooked meat – traditionally turkey. Making mole paste from scratch is a labour of love, as it often contains thirty or more ingredients, so using a paste is both a time and cost-effective option.

La Costena mole paste has a great balance of flavours – hot chilli, sweet spice and an intense chocolately hit. Dilute one part mole paste to four parts chicken stock to make mole sauce. Pour over meat and garnish with sesame seeds. Or use La Costena mole paste in enchiladas and tamales.

Ingredients: Added sugar (cane sugar), biscuit (wheat flour, iodized salt, water, bicarbonate, and sugars additives (cane sugar)), vegetable oil, chili mix, sesame, powdered chicken brother (soy, celery, and monosodium glutamate), cocoa, peanut, pumpkin seeds, seasonings, iodized salt, and spices. May contain almond.

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