Leonardi Balsamic Condiment Il Patriarca 30

44.95   | 40ml

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In stock


Balsamic condiment obtained from cooked musts of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes of Modena.
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Acetified cooked grape must

Nutritional information
ENERGY 1107 kj / 264 kcal FAT 0 g OF WHICH SATURATES 0 g CARBOHYDRATES 61.5 g OF WHICH SUGARS 61.5 g PROTEIN 0.9 g SALT 0.03 g
Allergen information
no image

sulphites < 30 mg/l. no other allergens are present in the product or for intentional addition, neither derived from ingredients and not for cross contamination

Manufacturer/Distributor information
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acetaia leonardi srl unipersonale
Manufacturer/Distributor address
Via Mazzacavallo, 62 | 41043 Magreta di Formigine (Mo)
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Weight 40 kg
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