Lord of Tofu Natural Tofu

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In stock


The somewhat firmer and nutty natural tofu with the wellness drink kombucha.

The coagulant is decisive for the composition of the soy proteins in the tofu, and these in turn are crucial for digestibility. The kombucha fermentation makes the tofu from Lord of Tofu more digestible and also more interesting in terms of taste; it has a nutty flavour and a firmer structure and stays nice and juicy when fried!

Ingredients: Tofu (Water, SOYBEAN, Coagulants: Kombucha [Black Tea with Sugar
fermented into vinegar] and Nigari [Magnesium Chloride]).

Allergens: SOYA. May Contain: MUSTARD, SESAME, CELERY.

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Contains: SOYA. May Contain: MUSTARD, SESAME, CELERY.

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lord of tofu - dörte & freddy ulrich gbr
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