Something & Nothing Cucumber Seltzer

2.50   | 330ml

In stock

In stock


The flavor evokes memories of a holiday in a can, which is why the can features a holiday image instead of a cucumber as one might anticipate...we enjoy playing with semiotic trickery.
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Nutritional information
Energy content 48kJ/ 12 kcal Fats (g) 0,0 Of which sat (g) 0,0 Carbohydrates (g) 2,8 Of which Sugars (g) 2,8 Protein (g) 0,0 Salt (g) 0,0
Allergen information
no image


Manufacturer/Distributor information
Manufacter/Distributor Name
something & nothing
Manufacturer/Distributor address
Modern Contradiction Ltd London SW1P 2PN UK
Additional information
Weight 330 kg
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