Millesime Chocolat Dominican 50% Cr?me Brulee

4.75   | 70g

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satisfy your sweet tooth with millesime chocolat dominican 50% crème brulee - a rich and creamy chocolate with a decadent blend of flavors.
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Product info/ingredients

Cocoa beans*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, milk powder*, hazelnuts*, sugar*, glucose*, butter*, salt

Nutritional information
Energy 2,383 kj (569 kcal) fat 44.54g Saturated fatty acids 12.98g Carbohydrates 33.87g Sugars 26.83g Dietary fiber 8.26g Proteins 8.89g Salt 0.13g
Allergen information
no image

contains: milk, hazelnuts, butter

Manufacturer/Distributor information
Manufacter/Distributor Name
millésime chocolat
Manufacturer/Distributor address
Atelier de production, Rue Pré du Cygne 2, 4020 Liège
Additional information
Weight 70 kg
Country of Origin

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