Calvisius Siberian Royal Caviar 30G

70.00   | 30g

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In stock


Siberian Royal is a caviar extracted from the Siberian sturgeon. Quite versatile with a bold pure taste, it pairs well with potatoes, sour cream, crème fraiche, soft bread or with blinis as well as by itself to fully appreciate its qualities.
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Sturgeon eggs (Acipenser transmontanus), salt.

Nutritional information
Energy 825KJ/197kcal Fat 8.9g of which are saturates 2.7g Carbohydrate 4.3g of which are sugars 0.2g Protein 24.8g Salt 3.0g
Allergen information
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contains: fish

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Manufacter/Distributor Name
agroittica lombarda
Manufacturer/Distributor address
Via Kennedy - 25012 Calvisano (BS)
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Weight 30 kg
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