La Fermiere Lemon Yogurt

2.60   | 140g

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In stock


La Fermiere Lemon Yogurt - zesty and refreshing, this French yogurt is crafted with whole milk and tangy lemon for a perfectly balanced creamy and citrusy taste.
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Whole milk, cream, sugar, 8,5%, lemon 5% (zests infusion and juice), lactic cultures

Nutritional information
Energy: 488 kJ / 117 kcal, Fat: 7.1 g, Carbohydrate: 10 g, of which sugars 10 g, Protein: 2.8 g, Salt: 0.2 g
Allergen information
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contains: milk. may contain traces of nuts, eggs, gluten

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la fermière
Manufacturer/Distributor address
377 Av. de Passe Temps, 13400 Aubagne, Francia
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Weight 140 kg
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