Ta Milano Savory Biscuit Sesame

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T'a Milano biscuits are more than just your ordinary snacks, they're exquisite works of pastry crafted to enhance every moment of your day. Whether it's breakfast, tea time, or a mid-day treat, they're the perfect accompaniment for a delightful indulgence
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Type ?00? flour, butter, SESAME (11%), PDO Parmigiano REGGiano Cheese (MILK, salt, rennet), sweetener: maltitol, EGG yolk, salt.

Nutritional information

energy 453 kcal/ 1893 kJ fat 32.1 g, of which saturated 32.1 g, carbohydrates 30.1 g, of which sugar 0.2 g, proteins 11.3 g, salt 0,2 g.

Allergen information
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contains: gluten, butter, sesame, cheese, milk, eggs. it may contain traces of soy, sesame and peanuts.

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t'a milano
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Via Giovanni Marradi 7 20123 Milan
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Weight 80 kg
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