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Flamin’ Grate Grills. It’s time to elevate your BBQ game this summer.

Author: daniellegraham
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Now that the grand stretch in the evenings is truly here and the temperatures are getting higher, it’s safe to say barbecue season has well and truly arrived and whether you’re a seasoned grill master or your experience peaks at charring the odd sausage, our expert guide and top tips will give you all the tools needed to elevate your barbecue game. Today we’re bringing the ultimate guide from cooking advice to the perfect summer sides.

To kick things off, the first thing to note is prep is key to successful BBQ. Before whipping out the chef’s hat and getting stuck in, make sure you take the time to plan your meal. Noting grilling times ensures you get perfectly cooked cuts. Spark up the BBQ 20-25 minutes before you begin to burn off your coals until they are ash white, this achieves an even high heat for grilling your meats without burning. Our head butcher at Fallon & Byrne, Carmine Vinaccia advises that you take your meat out of the fridge roughly two hours before grilling so it’s at room temperature for cooking. This helps for an even cooking of your meats right through.

Packing your meat full of flavour can make your barbecue a memorable affair and marinating your meat in advance adds tenderness and an extra kick of flavour. If you’re looking to raise your game on the grill there’s plenty of spice mixes readily available for you to experiment with. Eat Art’s BBQ Grill Smoky Spice Mix, Seasonal Pioneers Caribbean BBQ Mix and Cape Herb Spices’ Sweet and Sticky Chicken Dry Rub are just a few we love to add to our meat and veggies.

No one wants to be known as the chef who served up meat as tough as old boots and one of our top tips for serving the juiciest barbecue meat is to rest it before eating. Once your cooking is complete, transfer your meat to a warm dish for 5-10 minutes and allow it to rest. Resting allows for the redistribution of juices inside the meat allowing it to relax and settle making it a more mouthwatering affair.

BBQ sides should never be an afterthought and the perfect side dishes should compliment your proteins and veggies. Check out our new summer deli selection in store, including our Pea, Baby Gem & Feta, Sesame & Soba and Courgette Casarecce & Ricotta Salads. If you plan on creating something tantalising from scratch, our fruit and veg aisle is packed with the freshest seasonal produce, guaranteed to make for truly epic sides.

If meat is not for you but you still love to grill, then fish and veggies are a guaranteed way to lighten your barbecue offering. When it comes to fish we’re big fans of teriyaki salmon steaks, spicy prawn skewers or a stuffed whole lemon sole. For our plant based and veggie grillers, nothing quite beats a beautifully spiced veggie kebab, or a lentil burger topped with your favourite salads on a fresh brioche bun or some perfectly grilled halloumi with a drizzle of Ger’s Hot Honey for a salty, sweet and spicy bite.

While the prep of barbecuing is half the fun, we want to make firing up the grill a relaxed affair and have created three flamin’ grate grill bundles to kick off your summer in style.

Explore a whole new world of flavour with our new Middle Eastern inspired BBQ bundle that includes a succulent, marinated leg of Irish lamb, spiced chicken kebabs, a selection of salads, sides and more.

Bring home a taste of the Italian dream with our new Italian inspired BBQ bundle with delectable Madeo Spicy Calabrian Sausages, F&B Handmade Pork & Fennel Sausages, Villani Antipasto PP, pasta salads and rosemary focaccia.

And finally let’s make grilling great again with our American inspired BBQ bundle that includes our flavour packed F&B wagyu beef burgers & buns, F&B pork dogs and buns, a selection of seasonal salads and sides.

All our bundles serve four people and can be ordered online for nationwide delivery or click & collect in store here.

Our full range is available in our store on Exchequer Street, Dublin 2.

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