Taste of France

Vive la France with the very best range of French grocery, wine, and cheese.
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  • F&B Bakery Traditional Baguette 365g

  • Petites Madeleines 250g

    4.50 Out of stock
  • Artisan de la Truffe White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml

    14.95 In stock
  • Camembert Du Bocage 250g

    5.95 Out of stock
  • Daniel Chotard Sancerre

    30.00 Out of stock
  • Love & Grapes Syrah Nobis

  • Famille Perrin Lubéron Blanc

  • Fossier Rose Biscuits 110g

    5.95 In stock
  • Roquefort AOP

    6.95 In stock
  • Château Potensac Médoc

    50.00 In stock
  • Artisan de la Truffe Truffle Salt 60g

    7.95 In stock
  • Cruscana Beurre de Crabe 100g

    4.95 Out of stock
  • Artisan De La Truffe Black Truffle Olive Oil 100ml

    13.95 In stock
  • Kusmi Organic Wellness Tea Selection Tins 98g

    22.95 In stock
  • Kusmi Organic Herbal Tea Selection Gift Box

    34.95 Out of stock