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EXTRA LUXURIOUS SERVING SET: includes three strong cheese knives and an authentic oak serving board with magnetic strip & storage compartment for the knives

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    Luxury at its best! Surprise your guests with the tastiest cheese or other snacks on the Party Cheese Set by BOSKA. This stylish serving board is made of high quality European oak. The cheese board has a handy magnetic strip and a storage compartment where you can store the dishwasher safe cheese knives, suitable for any type of cheese.

    This complete, luxurious cheese board set is the perfect gift for true cheese lovers. From brie to Parmesan: with this set you have the perfect cheese knife for every type of cheese on your cheeseboard. Soft cheese does not stick during cutting because of the holes in the blade of the Cheese Knife Soft. Did you cut soft or semi-hard cheese? Pin it to the points of the Cheese Knife Half Hard to hand it to someone. The super-sharp Cheese Knife Hard will break the hardest cheeses with great ease.

    In addition to using high quality materials, this set is extra luxurious with its convenient magnetic strip and storage compartment. Are you serving a cheese board? Then stylishly click the cheese knives in sight on the magnetic strip, so that everyone can reach them. Are you serving other appetizers or do you want to store the board? Then simply store the knives in the practical storage compartment. You will find it at the bottom of the oak board.

    The three cheese knives are made of high quality stainless steel, so they are dishwasher safe. Please wash the European oak board by hand. Dry the board thoroughly and let it dry further standing upright. Spray the cheese board once a month with BOSKA Board Oil to protect it against odors and stains. The 10-year warranty ensures that you will enjoy the Party Cheese Set by BOSKA for many years to come.

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