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COMPLETE CHEESE BOARD SET: This complete cheese board set consists of a round beech wood board and three cheese knives.

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    The Amigo cheese set by BOSKA gives you everything you need to serve a delicious cheese board.

    The set includes a rustic beech board and three small, lightweight cheese knives. With these knives you can cut any type of cheese.

    The cheese knives with two points you use for cutting soft to semi-hard cheese. Prick the cut piece of cheese to these points, to hand the cheese to someone, without touching it with your hands. Convenient and hygienic! The holes in the blade of the Cheese Knife Semi-soft prevent cheese from sticking.

    Are you serving Parmesan cheese? With the Hard Cheese Knife you can cut any hard to very hard cheese.

    The handle of the small stainless steel cheese knives are hollow inside. This ensures that the knives are lightweight. Also, the cheese knives are dishwasher safe. However, wash the board by hand in warm water and dish soap. Dry the board with a towel and let it dry upright.

    You get a standard 10-year warranty on the Amigo cheese set by BOSKA. This allows you to enjoy the tastiest cheese boards for years to come.

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