A Spanish Affair


From the land of food, wine and fiesta, this hamper brings together some of the most iconic Iberian ingredients as well as wine to savour.

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    • Montaña Rioja Crianza Drinks like a young Rioja Reserva, offering freshness, warmth and precision in a velvet glove. Ripe blackberry and cassis aromas infused with touches of vanilla on the nose. Forest berry fruit on the palate, followed by an intriguing mélange of leather, spice, and hints of cacao.
    • Just This 100% Cheese Snack Intense hit of authentic cheddar flavour. 100% cheese with just moisture removed. Crunchy, healthy and delicious.
    • Almond & Honey Brittle Nougat A Spanish sweet treat enjoyed throughout the year but is really most popular during the festive season, when it is an essential component of any Christmas meal. Turrón is a sweet treat made from a mixture of honey, eggs, sugar and toasted almonds.
    • Torres Iberian Ham Crisps Crunchy fried potato crisps that genuinely taste like cured Spanish ham. Sensational snacking.
    • Columela 30-year Sherry Vinegar Made in the time-honoured traditional “solera” method and aged for 30 years. It is made from Palomino grapes which are used to produce Spain’s famous fine sherry. Brings an incredible depth to dressings and lift to roasted meat and veg.
    • Wild Bluefin Tuna Belly Don Bocarte makes this product with fresh tuna caught using the traditional almadraba net method in the Atlantic Ocean, Barbate, between April, May and June. A truly special product.
    • Deer & Wine Pâté An exquisite combination of liver, fresh venison and extra virgin olive oil. Creamy rich pâté with a sweet wine note. Ideal to spread on crackers or bread.
    • Organic Dried Orange Snack Deeply concentrated orange flavour snack with a clean, bright fruit edge. To try it is to love it.
    • Hispaniola Salt Flakes Delicate sea salt crystals, which add the perfect finishing touch to your culinary creations.
    • La Catedral Bomba Rice Essential for an authentic Spanish paella. Get the fiesta started.
    • Pitted Olives with Manzanilla Pleasantly bitter with notes of almond and a firm texture, the manzanilla olives are also known as “Spanish olives” or “olives from Seville”.
    • Pimenton Paprika Smoked Pimentón by Periquin is a Spanish traditional paprika. Also known as sweet paprika, it adds a gentle, smoky spice to your dishes.
    • Gazpacho A taste of Spanish summer all year round. Made from the best ingredients. Serve chilled for an authentic and healthy refreshment.
    • Arbequina & Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spanish cold pressed family reserve, superior category olive oil, obtained directly from olives and solely mechanical process. Ideal for dressings, marinades and dipping as well as being rich in healthy monounsaturated fats and antioxidants.

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