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A selection of our favourite pantry staples. Ideal for someone setting up a new home, or anyone whose cupboards need replenishing.

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* Contents may vary slightly but will look and taste just as nice as these ones.
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What's Inside
  • Fallon & Byrne House Blend Coffee 250g Our coffee comes from premium beans, blended specially for us, then lightly roasted in small batches here in Dublin. The result is a finely balanced cup with a fruity edge and chocolatey finish.
  • Healy’s Premium Irish Honey 250g This pure Irish honey is naturally sweet and delicious and made by Irish honey bees feeding on wild flowers throughout the spring and summer.
  • Lizi’s Original Granola 500g A recipe that’s been refined over a 20 year period. Full of flavour and will keep you going right up to lunchtime.
  • Lismore Food Company Irish Shortbread 150g Real buttery Irish shortbread – get the kettle on!
  • Meridian Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter 280g Delicious on toast, crackers or added to shakes, bakes and cakes. Full roast flavour from the skins, crushed for a natural crunchy texture.
  • Fallon & Byrne Bakery Strong White Flour 1kg Fresh from our bakers, this flour is the building block of our daily bread.
  • Fallon & Byrne Bakery Wholemeal Flour 1kg Fresh from our bakers, this flour is the building block of our daily bread.
  • Dove’s Baking Powder 130g Doves Baking Powder is a classic raising agent for adding to plain flours when making cakes, scones and puddings.
  • Dove’s Quick Yeast 125g For all bread baking, and ideal for bread machines, just add this Quick Yeast straight from the pack to the dry ingredients in your recipe.
  • Vanilla Extract 75ml Concentrated vanilla extract with seeds, for all your vanilla baking needs.
  • Siúcra Caster Sugar 1kg Fine grain sugar, ideal for baking.
  • Nestlé Chocolate Chip Morsels 170g Perfect for authentic chocolate chip cookies.
  • Casa Rinaldi Olive Oil 500ml A great all-round olive oil for frying, roasting and dressings.
  • Maldon Sea Salt 250g A real chefs’ favourite. Maldon Sea Salt crumbles at the touch – the best finishing salt.
  • Ortiz Tuna 3-Pack 3 x 92g There’s no going back once you’ve tried Ortiz tuna. Delicate flakes of fish with the perfect texture and full, rich flavour.
  • Fallot Dijon Mustard 210g The classic French mustard – a definite store-cupboard essential.
  • White Mausu Peanut Rayu 280g Made in Dublin, inspired by Chinese and Japanese cuisine, this condiment is quite simply a revelation. Use it on anything – this is the taste of now.