Continental Cheese Selection


Dublin only – contains fresh products that require refrigeration.
A line-up of Europe’s best loved cheeses, with a mix of hard and soft, paired with the perfect crisp cracker and a pot of black cherry jam.

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* Contents may vary slightly but will look and taste just as nice as these ones.
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What's Inside
  • Camembert du Bocage 250g A gorgeous, creamy and full-flavoured French cheese. Make sure to leave it out of the fridge for an hour before devouring.
  • Marcel Petite Comté 200g The most popular cheese in France from hands-down the best producer.
  • Mauri Bon Taleggio 200g Rich washed-rind cheese from Lombardy with a slightly salty tang.
  • Manchego 180g Delightfully piquant ewe’s milk cheese from La Mancha.
  • Selles-Sur-Cher goat’s cheese 150g A classic soft goat’s cheese from the Loire Valley. Creamy, grassy and perfect with a glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crispbreads 105g Provide the ideal background crunch as a vehicle for other flavours – what all good crackers should do.
  • Favols Black Cherry Jam 110g A delicacy from the South West of France. We love it with cheese.