F&B Bakery Pear & Almond Frangipane Tart 650g


Flaky almonds and fleshy pears combine with frangipane (almond cream) for a delicious, fuss-free dessert.

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    Sweet Pastry [Sugar, Unsalted butter (Milk), Wheat Flour, Eggs], Pears (41.6%), Almond cream (11.8%) [Eggs, Almonds (nuts), Sugar, Unsalted butter (Milk), Wheat Flour, Almond Essence (nuts)], Apricot Jam [apricots, sugar, Sulphites, may contain traces of Soya], Neutral Glaze [glucose-fructose syrup; water; sugar; pectin, sodium alginate; citric acid; potassium sorbate], Flaked Almonds (Nuts) 

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    Weight 700 kg
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