Coffee and Cake

There’s a reason so many customers ask our pastry chefs out on dates. They’re great at their job. Who could resist their fresh fruit tarts or creamy mille feuille? Who could pass over their zingy lemon tarts or rich chocolate cake? Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, communions – if it’s cake you’re after, look no further. Just ask to speak to one of our pastry chefs but, before you do, a word of advice. Don’t ask for a date. Unless you fancy queuing, that is.

Which brings us to coffee. Great cake needs great coffee and, having sipped our way across town, we honestly believe ours is second to none. (If you want a back-up opinion, check out the barista blogosphere). Most places start by using grade C beans, and do their roasting from there. We use only grade A beans because, while they cost a bit more, they taste infinitely better. As for the secret of our blend – it’s just that. Secret. Not telling.

If you'd like to order a cake for a celebration, please click HERE for more information. 

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