Cheese, Charcuterie, AntiPasti

If we were banished to a desert island with just three worldly items, we’d have to take some delicious aged Comté, a fresh baguette and a bottle of 1998 Latour (why hold back?). It’s a love thing you see and, if there’s one thing we’re soft on, it’s cheese. We stock lots of it (more than 100 types), all brought to perfection by people who care, then nurtured by us for you to enjoy. And enjoy them you will, we’re sure. But that’s not all. There’s a reason so many Italians make a pilgrimage to our shop each week. Our Parma ham. It’s just one of a range of unbeatably good charcuterie, the yield of Europe’s and Ireland’s happiest animals. (Some only dine on acorns. Did you ever? Don’t tell gran). As for the smoked fish: it doesn’t get better than Anthony Cresswell’s Ummera or Sally Barnes’s Woodcock. And there’s pasta at the same counter, of the fresh Italian variety stuffed with wild mushroom, pumpkin and sage and other such fast-but-good food delights. Olives and antipasti too. Washed, dressed and out before lunchtime.

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