The food hall at Fallon & Byrne stocks the best of everything, and that’s all. Just-caught fish, well-hung meat, mighty coffee, sinful cakes, fine artisan foods of every kind, the freshest of fruit and vegetables. We do hampers. We do lunch. We do serious treats. Within reason, we do whatever you’d like us to. You do your food browsing. We hop to it.


Nobody does it like we do. At least that’s what Checkout magazine said and we’re not inclined to differ. We love our fruit and veg because great-tasting produce makes great-tasting meals. Which is why we buy local and seasonal as much as we can. (It’s not always possible, though. When it comes to mangoes and pineapples, it’s hard to avoid those pesky air miles. Anyone got a recipe for Irish sunshine?)


Forget Mary, there’s something special about our butcher. He’s one of a rare breed who still believes in old-fashioned customs like hanging meat – with good reason. Our prime Irish Angus beef is aged for a minimum of 21 days because that’s what makes it tender and tasty. And we’re just as picky when it comes to choosing lamb, pork and poultry (especially those Christmas turkeys and geese) because life’s too short to settle for second best. Boned, stuffed, diced or spiced? You name it, our chefs will prepare it. Rabbit, quail, partridge or venison? You want it, we’ll source it. Preferably from Ireland. Unless, of course it’s French Boudin sausages you’re after. Then we just might have to travel.

Caught You Looking

What can we say about fish? Ours is fresh and that’s all that matters. We bend over backwards to get it from boat to counter in double-quick time because there’s no substitute for that just-caught taste. And, now that we’re beating drums, it comes from sustainable sources too. Organic salmon from Clare Island; cod, plaice and John Dory from Castletownbere. Oysters from Carlingford Lough, mussels from Dublin Bay. Lobsters, crabs, clams, the lot. If you want them prepared this way or that, don’t be shy, just ask.

If There’s One Thing We’re Soft On, It’s Cheese

If we were banished to a desert island with just three worldly items, we’d have to take some delicious aged Comté, a fresh baguette and a bottle of 1998 Latour (why hold back?). It’s a love thing you see and we love cheese. We stock lots of it (more than 100 types), all brought to perfection by people who care, then nurtured by us for you to enjoy. But that’s not all. There’s a reason so many Italians make a pilgrimage to our shop each week. Our Parma ham. It’s just one of a range of unbeatably good charcuterie, the yield of Europe’s and Ireland’s best-bred animals. As for the smoked fish: it doesn’t get better than Sally Barnes and Burren Smokehouse. And other such fast-but-good food delights. Like olives and antipasti. Washed, dressed and out before lunchtime.


And so are you. Go on, admit it. Who said stocking shelves was easy? It ain’t . We spent years editing our food and wine collection, and we’re never done, because, let’s face it, not every jar that glitters is gold. And the tasty result of all our hard work (yeah, yeah, but someone’s got to do it)? More than 3,000 bottles and jars of the entirely delectable, some old chestnuts, others new favourites. We love every single one of them, and price them at points we hope you find fair. And if we don’t have it, tell us and we soon will. That’s the plan.


Fallon & Byrne bread is baked fresh bright and early every morning by our team of (ardent and mostly French) bakers. They use only flour, water, yeast and a pinch of salt. No more, no less. Just our very own culture, and just the 24 hours of proving (we like to think of it as being left to think about itself for 24 hours). Of course, they do add a certain je ne sais quoi. We think you’ll be smitten, too.


There’s a reason so many customers ask our pastry chefs out on dates. They’re great at their job. Who could resist their fresh fruit tarts or creamy mille feuille? Who could pass over their zingy lemon tarts or rich chocolate cake?

Which brings us to coffee. Great cake needs great coffee and, having sipped our way across town, we honestly believe ours is second to none. We use only grade A beans because, while they cost a bit more, they taste infinitely better. As for the secret of our blend – it’s just that. Secret. Not telling.

Pizza & Pasta

The flour comes from Naples, the home of pizza. We leave the dough it makes to think about itself for 48 hours before topping it with a sauce made from 100% Italian tomatoes in a recipe approved by the guardians of proper pizza, the Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana, all bow, and heaps of good stuff. The same goes for our pasta. OO flour, fine semolina and free-range egg yolks. Nothing else. Fresh pasta just tastes better. Fresh pasta made by Italians tastes better still. Guess who ours is made by? You got that right.

The Sweet Spot

A chocolate fountain. Gelato. Crepes. Wafflepops (you know you want one). We call this part of the house the naughty corner. Our Gelato is proper Italian, handmade on the premises daily. We cook waffles and crepes to order, and top them with oodles of deliciousness. The naughty stuff is all served in a cheerful corner that’s high on frivolity, except when it comes to the ingredients we use. Rest assured, it’s all made out of the good stuff, and no funny stuff.


So long as it vaguely relates to food, drink or any excuse for combining people with either or both. We mean a party, or a wedding, or a wet Tuesday in March, say. And we’ll get right back to you.


24-28 Swan Centre
Castlewood Avenue
Dublin 6


+353 1 406 0044